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Vehicle Communication Solution

Vehicle Communication Solution
2018/12/18 18:00
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Vehicle-borne communication is a means of using advanced mobile communication technology on vehicles to organically integrate traffic participants, vehicles and their environment through vehicle-road communication, so as to realize highly informationized, intelligent and safe traffic.


Xinke 4G wireless communication module ML7820 series module is embedded in the vehicle communication terminal. It is loaded into the vehicle in different terminal forms such as central console, traffic recorder, intelligent rearview mirror and so on. Support intelligent positioning and navigation, traffic record, vehicle peripheral environment monitoring, road condition inquiry, in-car entertainment and other just-needed functions, with voice control, Bluetooth accessories, binding application of APP, can enjoy more value-added services of vehicle network: maintenance, automobile insurance, illegal inquiry, charging or refueling management integrated services. At the same time, through WIFI sharing in the car, all passengers can enjoy the network, all kinds of entertainment work needs everywhere.